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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Broken Umbrella

Do you love those memories when you were a little, playing round and ran through the rain? 
Well, I do!

Whenever I see kids playing outside when i'ts raining, it reminds me of my childhood. It was fun really fun to play around with your friends and kicking the puddles of water to make a splash and wet your friends,lol.
The boy in the pic is my nephew, I think he loves water too just like me, he could take a shower for an hour just to play in the bath with his rubber duck, he doesn't want to get out from the shallow swimming pool when his parents finish swimming, and he doesn't want to get into the house when it's raining. . so yeah, he loves water!

To take pictures like those two above, you need to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the moment and catch the water shape. I used shutter speed 1/640 and aperture f1.8. 

If you have fast or high speed photographs, you can share with us by sending the photo along with your Name/Country/Link/Short story or Description about the Photo. 
Send it to my email: 
The submission will be closed on Oct 31st and will be posted here on Nov 1st. Thank you!



Wow your blog is full of such beautiful photography. Keep it up.

I also enjoyed seeing the smiling faces, and love your knowledge of photography.

Hey there, thank you! My nephew's smile can conquer the world! :D

So beautiful.. I love these shots, vibrant and so FUN.. ;))) Thanks SO much for linking to FAF this week, wishing you a beautiful day.. xo.. Marilyn

Yes, so much fun Marilyn ;)
Thank you for passing by my blog..

brings smile on my face...i love photography.....

I am always love your work. Nice

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