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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indonesian Children Photography Video

This is my first video that I also uploaded on youtube. Hope you enjoy this :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Freeze The Moment

As I promised before, today is the day for showing off the photos that have been submitted for our inspiration photo sharing. Our theme this time is 'Freeze The Moment'.
All the entries are amazing, and some of the photos were submitted by world famous photographers, Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Someone please shut my mouth off!! ......Pardon me, but really couldn't believe they would participate this photo sharing on my inessential blog... but hey! They surely knew they should join in to inspire you guys out there... yes to inspire you! and you! and you! and those men over there... and these girls over here, and of course to inspire everyone and myself too... ;)
So here are our inspirations entries:

Abdulillah H. Alfawaz
Country: Russia
This Saudian guy who lives in Russia, is an amazing talented person! Not only great being as a photographer, he's also an incredible graphic designer! 
Sshhh, this kind guy is quiet crazy too... coz he considers me as a friend, isn't it a BIG WOW? :)
Oh i can't wait til he finishes the web design for my photography portfolio.
If you're looking for stunning web designs, logos or to have a fantastic photo session and editing, 
you can visit his portfolio on his web below 

Julie de Waroquier
Country: France
Shutter speed: 1/5000s
If you love beautiful dreamy and surreal photos, you gotta check this stunning photographer's portfolio! 
She has a lovely high imagination which she pours it into a breath taking photo. 
She told me that this image was taken in the summer, but the weather was very cold and the sea was very rough, so she tried to make the most of it with her model. 
Well... it's a wow photo Julie! Love you!

Adrian Sommeling
Country: Netherlands
When this superb photographer found out that i come from Depok, Indonesia... he told me that he ever visited here and got stuck in a traffic for many hours on his way to Bogor,lol. 
I'm sorry sir, but I also hate the road and traffic here :D
He's really a down to earth famous photographer, you gotta dig his portfolio for more!

Rudy Tafsir
Country: Indonesia
Shutter Speed: 1/1000
The master of photography lighting... this man is my clever mentor! Used to learn photography with him for the first time. Can't forget how nice he was! He lent me his camera while teaching me basic photography, as i didnt have DSLR camera that time. What an unforgettable memory :D  
Check out his works and feel the beauty of Indonesia!

Hardijanto Budiman
Country: Indonesia
To tell about this photographer is quiet funny, i found his amazing works for the first time on and straightly fell in love with his photos. And once when i got to know a new friend from photography club, 
i didn't realized that this new friend and my fave photographer were the same person. Check and re checked... my new friend is my own fave photographer! :D

Reza Hilmy
Country: Indonesia
Although you can't find any insect on this photo, this man is actually a wonderful macro photographer. 
Had a chance to meet him as his daughter was my student when i was still teaching in a primary school. 
He's really creative making the insects posing in front of his camera :D
Wondering how? that's because he takes every shot in natural way.
Visited and enjoyed his lovely photos in the exhibition last year. 

Valerie Holmes
This is her cute little daughter playing with the water in summer. So adorable and fun!
You can check her beautiful works on her web

I must say, these photos of our first photo sharing are super duper beautiful! For the next photo sharing, i'll let you to decide... to join and be an inspiration, or to check it out and get inspired :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Message behind my eyes

Just played around with photoshop.. the girl on the photo is my cousin. I'm never good in photo retouching, i guess this one is over done... but never mind, did it just to kill the time :D

Took this photo in 2010... first time learning DSLR, not a good one, but i love this kid's expression :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

'Freeze The Moment' Photo Submission

Let me start with this new section of INSPIRATION. I love inspirations, and always look for new inspirations. In this case, i'm talking about photography... i want to learn new things relates to photography; the techniques, the poses, the styles, the colors, the background ideas, the post processing, and anything you can mention about photography. If you have the same passion, whether you're a photographer or not, then this is the right place for you!
The theme for our inspiration this time is 'freeze the moment'. To get that kind of photo, the shutter speed should meet the qualify, which is started from 1/1000sec and above. Fast shutter speed like 1/600sec or above is still accepted. So let's explore your great talents and abilities! Share your works with all of us!

How to Submit:
- Send your photo to
- Write your Name/ Country/ Link/ A short Description about the photo
- The Submission is opened until the end of this month, October 31st

As this is an Inspiration Section, so i will only choose the best photos, and if your photo is not showing up, it means your photo is not accepted due that it doesn't meet the requirements or qualifies matters. Please do not get offended if it happens to you, i'm not a pro, but with this photo sharing, we all should learn from each other and improve our shots :)

The chosen photos will be displayed on Nov 1st.

An Example of our theme 'Freeze The Moment'
Shutter Speed 1/1579

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Couple Photo Shoot

Oh My Gosh, I'm so excited to tell you guys that this time my client is my own friend! This lady, Siti, was my partner when we both worked at a school few years ago. The photo session was just done today, and it was sooooooo amazing! Actually she had already told me since last month that she and her fiance wanted to have a photo session with me, but that time i was still out town in Semarang. I'm just so glad that she asked me to capture her and her fiance, and it's really an honor for me! They're going to get married next month, which is a great great news! I'm so happy for her!
I just got a change to meet my friend's fiance today, and he's really a friendly guy, a quiet one, adorable, sweet, and a perfect man for my friend! The photo shoot brought me and my friend back to our memory where we used to take lots of pictures wherever we were, lol.. can't be joking! We both loved snapping photos!

I decided to find a silent location so it would be more comfortable having the shoot. And this place was the answer! A lovely place with a beautiful perspective of a train rail!

 She was so happy! So was he!

I can't wait until their wedding to come!
I wanna wish them a happy long journey as a husband and wife, with full full of love!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Budiarto Family's Photo Session

I had a photo session with this great family from Sentul, Citereup- West Java. They're an amazing family and easy to work with... very cooperative! Although it happened to rain with a hard blowing wind in the middle of our session, we could still manage ourselves to keep in a good mood, it was actually funny that we ran as fast as we could and got back to their house, but the rain stopped right after we arrived the door,lol.. and that what made everybody laughed and cheered!
I really love this family! From the husband, wife and the daughters, they're so fantastic! They're so natural in posing and their happiness was so glowing through their faces :)
Let's check out their photos now!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Use Photoshop Actions

Using actions is a cool way to edit a photo on photoshop, but maybe some of you are still confused on how to use it, so here's i'm gonna show you how step by step.

Open your photoshop, choose the image you want to edit. If you got the actions by downloading from internet, you need to load it first into your photoshop application.

Click Alt + F9 or you can find it by clicking the window dropdown on top, then hit the Actions menu. The actions will pop up on the right side bar.

There's a tiny arrow on the actions box and if you click the dropdown menu, you will find some options, choose LOAD!

 Ok now the actions is loaded into your photoshop, you are ready to use it! Just hit play and the actions will do the rest for you.

If the result is just too much for you, play the slider of opacity until you're satisfied with the final result. 
Enjoy practicing! :)

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