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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Indonesian high quality fabric with beautiful traditional patterns

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indonesian Children Photography Video

This is my first video that I also uploaded on youtube. Hope you enjoy this :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Empek Empek Palembang

The most popular dish from Palembang, Indonesia!! Yay! Yay! I loveee this a lot! But one thing I should remind you is that... you better dont eat this with an empty stomach, why? because the sauce is made of vinegar, so strong!

I always post dishes that are easily find all around the street in Jakarta, and yes, this one is also easy to find... of course with affordable price! 

The dough is made of boneless ground  fish, tapioca and magical ingredients! 
Man! You should try this, seriously! 

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