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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Secret Recipe

On Thursday two weeks ago was a day off in my country, it was an Islamic New Year and my office and most of companies gave a bonus for more days off til Saturday. I really had a good time spending my Thursday with my bestie to a mall in South Jakarta, Pondok Indah Mall.Our consent was having dessert in Secret Recipe.

There're two buildings of the malls, PIM1 & PIM2. We went into PIM1. 

There're so many irresistible restaurants and cafes that worth to try, and we passed by this yogenfruz small cafe... ummmm, couldn't help myself to move my feets and stepped in there, but.... maybe next time!

There you go.... my fave cafe for having snacks and drinks

The opening area was full, so we got our seats inside :(

So we stepped in and saw these lovely sweet cakes! Hooooo My!

Oh God, chocolate cakes!!! 

Aren't they so delightful? you can imagine how delicious they are just by seeing these, right? ... mmhhhhh

Moist chocolate... they said it's Sinful dark chocolate generously spread over moist chocolate sponge

Black and white cake on the left...

Here's what i ordered... Marshmallow chocolate. Tasted so scrumptious, moist and addicting!

Here's what my friend had... oreo cheese cake, so delectable!

Ice Mochacino.... sluuuurrrrrrppppppppp

Choolate milkshake.......... again, sluuuurrrrrppppppppppppp!

When we finished with those sweet marvelous dessert, we walked around the mall 
and saw this cute skeleton.... not even scary!

After a great day spent with my friend, it's time to go back home.... 

Had to enter inside this building to reach the bridge up stair
and then walked down stairs to take a bus....  Bye!

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