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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Indonesian high quality fabric with beautiful traditional patterns

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Message behind my eyes

Just played around with photoshop.. the girl on the photo is my cousin. I'm never good in photo retouching, i guess this one is over done... but never mind, did it just to kill the time :D

Took this photo in 2010... first time learning DSLR, not a good one, but i love this kid's expression :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

1945 & Hari Merdeka photoshop actions

This is the original photo

A bit vintage & shady with 1945 actions

Boost the dark with Hari Merdeka actions

Here's how to get these actions for free:
1. Subscribe or Follow me via social media that available here [GFC/ G+/ Facebook/ Pinterest or Twitter]!
2. Leave a comment here along with your email add so i can send the actions for you
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5. Give a feedback so i may know if you like the actions or not satisfied yet, 
that's how i will improve for the next actions :)

'Freeze The Moment' Photo Submission

Let me start with this new section of INSPIRATION. I love inspirations, and always look for new inspirations. In this case, i'm talking about photography... i want to learn new things relates to photography; the techniques, the poses, the styles, the colors, the background ideas, the post processing, and anything you can mention about photography. If you have the same passion, whether you're a photographer or not, then this is the right place for you!
The theme for our inspiration this time is 'freeze the moment'. To get that kind of photo, the shutter speed should meet the qualify, which is started from 1/1000sec and above. Fast shutter speed like 1/600sec or above is still accepted. So let's explore your great talents and abilities! Share your works with all of us!

How to Submit:
- Send your photo to
- Write your Name/ Country/ Link/ A short Description about the photo
- The Submission is opened until the end of this month, October 31st

As this is an Inspiration Section, so i will only choose the best photos, and if your photo is not showing up, it means your photo is not accepted due that it doesn't meet the requirements or qualifies matters. Please do not get offended if it happens to you, i'm not a pro, but with this photo sharing, we all should learn from each other and improve our shots :)

The chosen photos will be displayed on Nov 1st.

An Example of our theme 'Freeze The Moment'
Shutter Speed 1/1579

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BATIK, Indonesian Traditional Fabric

Batik {pronounced: bath-tick} is one of our country's most highly developed art forms, it is a heritage, an ancient art, a modern trend fashion, and a pride of Indonesia, and not to mention that it has a worldwide popularity. The word of Batik was derived from Javanese word 'Ambatik', which 'Amba' means writing, and 'Tik' means dot or drop. Generally, Batik means an art  process of decorating cloth using traditional wax and dye.

In the beginning, batik was only worn by the royal family in the palace, but as some of the people who worked there, lived outside the palace in different places, the villagers started copying, and it deployed and worn by everyone. Well... who doesn't love it anyway? everyone loves the royal's taste in fashion :)

For sure, me being as an Indonesian myself do love Batik, and My mom is a batik lover too, she has a lot of batik collection in her closet. Here are some of our collections. Got more than these, but i'm just gonna show the best of what we have.

The original color of batik is mostly dark or light brown, but various colors applied in the modern batik nowadays, and they look as beautiful as the original. My mom and I love all kinds of color, she even got the red one! Can you imagine? not gonna post the photo here... i'm giving you the chance to have a fantasy about it ;)

Look at these soft calm, shady and peaceful.... oh how i love them!

in our country, there's a policy to wear batik every Friday when you go to work. I usually  wear this white cool cotton batik every Friday, but it's also a terrific classic cloth to wear anytime i want to.

This beauty is also mine. It's a high quality cloth with a little belt that you can attach around the waist. I forgot to show the belt, but anyway, it still looks pretty without a belt, because this super soft silk cloth is  strategically positioned to compliment our body. It's sooooo desirable and so comfy! I wear this for some formal occasions like a wedding party, an important meeting with workmates and to a family gathering.

This is a set of skirt, shawl and veil, belongs to my mom. I love how the simple blue of the basic colors mingle with the artistic patterns in these clothes... they're like Spongebob & Patrick! Perfect match :D
Enchanting green skirt

so irresistible, isn't it?

and you can't resist this...

it flows with easy elegance....

angels should wear this shawl around their shoulder!

amazing floral patterns! so gorgeous! i love it a lot!

Beautiful, aren't they?

I get addicted with batik, I think I'm either being too nationalism or fell in love with my country's heritage... just too in love with Batik, and I know I should have a complete set of batik, not limited only on clothes, so i will sure wanna add more beautiful batik accessories like a cute Batik Handbag that I can hold to a party... guess, i'm gonna have a perfect appearance with a full set of batik, I deserve it! :))

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sate Ayam & Sate Kambing {Chicken & Goat Satay}

Sate or Satay is a popular skewered meat delicacy from Indonesia. This dish is available almost anywhere in Indonesia. You can obtain it from a street cart,  a street-side tent restaurant, to a fine dining establishment, or during traditional celebration feasts and wedding party, yay! the last two i mentioned means you can eat it for free :p There are so many types of satay, but these two {chicken & Goat} are the most popular. 

Here's the chicken satay, consists of chicken chunks, seasoned with dark soy and grilled on a small portable grill charcoal, then served with peanut sauce............... you're asking the taste?
mmmhhhh, you just can't resist! it's too delicious!!

Here's a closer look so you can imagine how it tastes
chicken chunks, skewered, grilled and smeared with peanut sauce... Love!

Now this one is goat satay, consists of sliced goat, grilled and served with soy sauce and sliced of shallots, bird's eye chilies and tomatoes. A great taste for those who loves spicy food!

I love the sauce with lots of the shallots and bird's eye chilies ... spicy hot!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Super Cold Blackberry Smoothie

I can't skip my days here without drinking smoothies. The hot weather here can only be beaten by cold refreshing drinks.... it's like showering after get burnt under the sun.... if you know what I mean ^_^

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kue Ketan (Black Sticky Rice Cake) & Gemblong (Caramel Sticky rice cake)

Kue Ketan (Black stikcy rice cake) & Kue Gemblong (Caramel sticky rice cake), are some famous traditional snacks in Indonesia. They are sold mostly in the stalls near to traditional market. The price is quiet cheap, around Rp1000/piece, or equals to 0.10 USD. Usually you can only find these cakes in the morning, so they're like morning appetizers. 

Kue Ketan is made of stewed black sticky rice with  salt and sprinkled with 
grated coconut. 

it's salty, gooey, and tasty!

If you don't know, black sticky rice is rich of anthocyanins. 
Consuming it, may prevent from getting cancer, aging and diabetes.

Kue Gemblong is also made of sticky rice but the white one.

If you love sweet flavor, you will absolutely love this! This cake is rich of sweetness!

The cake is coated with palm sugar, so crunchy and yummy!

200gr white sticky rice
100ml boiled coconut milk
2tbs sago flour
1/2 coconut, grated
1tbs salt

Ingredients For Coating 
150gr plam sugar
75gr sugar
50ml water

Mix all the ingredients, knead well and add the warm  coconut milk little by little. Use the whole dough to make medium balls, form like a donuts, fry them until brown, set aside.
In the meantime, boil the ingredients for coating until melting and getting thick, then put in the dough balls and stir until all are coated. Pick up, and let them dry. Serve while still warm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Smokey Meat & Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

This is really a quick, simple snack, yet it's so delish and satisfying!
You can easily make at home and count the minutes! 

3 Slices bread or more
Cooked smokey meats
Oyster mushrooms
1tbs minced garlic
1tbs Oatmeal
Grated cheese (optional)
Pepper powder
Chili pepper

-Sautee the garlic and oyster mushroom with 1tbs olive oil for 2mins
-Butter each sides of the bread
-Place on the smokey meats, garlic-oyster mushroom, mayonnaise, oatmeal, pepper and chili powder in between slices of bread
-Grill until golden brown
- You can add grated cheese too!
- Sprinkle the oatmeal and chili pepper over the sandwich, enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Couple Photo Shoot

Oh My Gosh, I'm so excited to tell you guys that this time my client is my own friend! This lady, Siti, was my partner when we both worked at a school few years ago. The photo session was just done today, and it was sooooooo amazing! Actually she had already told me since last month that she and her fiance wanted to have a photo session with me, but that time i was still out town in Semarang. I'm just so glad that she asked me to capture her and her fiance, and it's really an honor for me! They're going to get married next month, which is a great great news! I'm so happy for her!
I just got a change to meet my friend's fiance today, and he's really a friendly guy, a quiet one, adorable, sweet, and a perfect man for my friend! The photo shoot brought me and my friend back to our memory where we used to take lots of pictures wherever we were, lol.. can't be joking! We both loved snapping photos!

I decided to find a silent location so it would be more comfortable having the shoot. And this place was the answer! A lovely place with a beautiful perspective of a train rail!

 She was so happy! So was he!

I can't wait until their wedding to come!
I wanna wish them a happy long journey as a husband and wife, with full full of love!

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