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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Indonesian high quality fabric with beautiful traditional patterns

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Traditional Costumes

Have I told you before how proud I am being as an Indonesian? Apart from the terrible political systems and the poverty in Indonesia, I do still love my country! I'm concerned with the countryside life and the traditional things related. Having 33 provinces, we have lots of traditional things we can brag of  ;)
In this post, I wanna show you the  traditional costumes from few of provinces.

Oh, let's start with this pretty lil girl. How beautiful she looks with that lovely accessory on her head? 
Very beautiful!!

she looks fabulous with this red costume! So cute!

Oh My God! Her appearance is super adorable with that costume from province of Sulawesi! 
She's like a lil princess!

Starring like a boss!! 
So graceful and elegant! She knows she's the Queen!

 I love these costumes a lot! and these ladies look so beautiful and stunning!

Lovely Colorful costumes from Batavia or well known as Jakarta :)

They look so classy with these Javanese costumes! Pretty! very pretty!

Now this is the last costume I can show you... there are actually still many of them, I know I didn't put any image with Balinese costume, but maybe next time I will come up with a post of Bali Cultures with their dancing and costumes :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dim Sum

Another fave dishes of mine, Dim Sum. I fell in love to these dumplings since i tasted them for the first time!
There are so many varieties of flavor but the most popular one is seafood mixed with vegetables flavor.
In here, there a lot of restaurants offering their best Dim Sum, but these portion that i bought this evening were sold on a bicycle vendor. Yes of course the price was cheaper than those sold in the restaurants, but the taste is not even close to bad!

I bought some that filled with chicken, shrimps and squids........ each bite was really smooth and tasty!

What i dont like about Dim Sum is only about the size! As you can see, they are so tiny! Bah!

Beautiful SUnda Photoshop Actions

Hi everyone, here i've got another photoshop actions for you. This actions will boost the color and sharpen your photo. Just like before, you gotta follow the rules to get this actions, and then i will email you the file.

1. Subscribe this blog on our RSS Feed!
2. Follow my Facebook Page & if you'd like to, follow my other social medias that available here
[GFC,G+, Pinterest & Twitter]!
3. let me know when you've done the 2 things above by leaving a comment here along with your email add so i can send a link for you to download the actions
4. Use the actions on your photo and share it on my facebook page [i will post them in this blog]
5. Give a feedback so i may know if you like the actions or not satisfied yet, 
that's how i will improve for the next actions

Please share the words and show your love. You can repost about this, share or tweet it. I'd appreciate it :)

This is the original photo. My nephew Ayzel was reading a book on the ground of the park near our house. Look how serious he was :D

This image is after using the Beautiful Sunda actions.
I love the color and the sharp here. I use 100% of opacity

Here's the before and after in one frame so you can see the differences

How To Use Photoshop Actions

Using actions is a cool way to edit a photo on photoshop, but maybe some of you are still confused on how to use it, so here's i'm gonna show you how step by step.

Open your photoshop, choose the image you want to edit. If you got the actions by downloading from internet, you need to load it first into your photoshop application.

Click Alt + F9 or you can find it by clicking the window dropdown on top, then hit the Actions menu. The actions will pop up on the right side bar.

There's a tiny arrow on the actions box and if you click the dropdown menu, you will find some options, choose LOAD!

 Ok now the actions is loaded into your photoshop, you are ready to use it! Just hit play and the actions will do the rest for you.

If the result is just too much for you, play the slider of opacity until you're satisfied with the final result. 
Enjoy practicing! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fresh Photoshop Actions

If you are a photographer or those who are used in editing photos, you must be familiar with 'actions'.
If you got no idea with what this action is all about... well, i can say it's a very useful thing to help us saving our times in editing a photo, specially for photographers who got hundreds of photos that should be edited to get the best result. First, as a photographer myself, to get a good photo, it should be done in a camera before you transfer it into a computer and do such a touch and editing. But don't be too hard to yourself, sometimes we don't always get a perfect photo, so it's time to use an actions! It can help us to make a photo get better in efficient time :) 
So this time i wanna share some actions that i've made for all of you.... free! :)

Here's what you have to do:
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2. Follow my Facebook Page & if you'd like to, follow my other social medias that available here [GFC, G+, Pinterest & Twitter]!
3. let me know when you've done the 2 things above by leaving a comment here along with your email add so i can send the actions for you
4. Use the actions on your photo and share it on my facebook page [optional]
5. Give a feedback so i may know if you like the actions or not satisfied yet, 
that's how i will improve for the next actions

Ok, that's it! Here's an example of the free actions i will give..........

This girl on the bike is my young cousin, i love her expression here, definitely so cheers and happy, but not with the mood of the photo itself! it looks a bit dark and the colors of the trees are so gloomy.

So i used "Palembang with Love" actions with 90% opacity! Oh how i love it now! The photo looks so fresh with a sharp object and it looks cleaner!

Look the differences? Use this action to lighten up your photos and to make it look fresher! If your photo has some natural backgrounds like trees or leaves, this is a great actions to boost the green color! As each photo is different, play around with the opacity to get the best out of it!

Now this one is an unattractive photo of beverage... I took this indoor of a restaurant

 Use "Sunny in Jakarta" actions to make it brighter with caramel lights.... looks better, isn't it?

Here's the before and after photos!

In a set of the free photoshop i'm going to give, has 3 actions; Sunny in Jakarta, Palembang with Love, and Extreme Indonesia. The last action is to sharpen a photo. So i hope you will have fun using these actions on your photos.... just click play button and it will do the magic :)
PS: I made these actions on photoshop cs3, so i'm not sure if they're working with another version

Traditional Kitchen

Living in a modern life like today with the trend of having a beautiful designed house, makes people racing to improve their houses' designs, outside and inside looks. I've seen so many great architectural houses on TV, magazines, internet, and in real life. Elegant minimalist is the most faved design by so many people. There are so many designs and decor inspirations on the web, so people would easily inspired with the power of modernity. The women usually concern with the living room and .... kitchen.
While some people living in modern style, there are still some who don't want to change their old fashion design of houses. In a countryside like in central java, few people have changed their style of houses a bit more modern than before. Even the bathroom in my grandma's house that was to be so simple with not even cements on the floor has been changed into shiny ceramics modern floor just like in the city. Not saying that it's bad, but it's not a better idea either... maybe coz i'm just afraid of losing the heritage style of houses in the village.
In general, the families have got gas stoves in their kitchen which sounds normal for most of people, but the traditional kitchen in some particular places don't. They use what we call as "Tungku", so simple, and conservative as well, but that's the beautiful things i love about traditional stuffs.

This is a kitchen in a house of a family in west java. No electrical use such a lamp but dragging aside the tiles of the roof  to get the natural light lighting down inside the kitchen. How beautiful! Look at those ray of lights!

Here's my uncle had a log on his shoulder... yes, we need it so we can use the Tungku and do the cooking activiy in the kitchen. And as the weather in my grandma's hometown is so cold, we usually burn the woods and sit together near the Tungku to get ourselves warmer....don't you think that it's one of the best ways in gathering with family? Aaww yeah :D

This is my grandma, blowing the fire through a bamboo to get the fire kept burning. Hope she will keep this traditional kitchen just like it is, i never expect to visit her again with the kitchen changed and renovated...
No Please!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Oldest Man in Village

These photos were taken when i was in Central java, last month. This man names Bapak ( Most respectful used when the addressee is above 25 ) Muhammad, i don't know exactly how old he is, but he's known as the oldest man in the village. He lives in a small shack with his wife and daughter. Lives in poverty, and he's been in a condition where he's not able to get up from the bed. 

This is Bapak Muhammad's wife... she was so friendly and i believe she's become such a lovely loyal woman to his husband this far. May they live in happiness.


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