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Friday, February 3, 2012

Roses of Mourn

Never thought it would end up this pain.... so sad, full of sorrow

Two weeks ago my dad's condition was much better that he knew i was there praying beside him and then he opened his eyes and smiled at me... 
it was a miracle, remembering how unconscious he was in the previous days 
as most of all his organs weren't working well.
Didn't know it was his last smile for me...

Now My dad has passed away since last Tuesday, January 31 '2012 at 11am in the hospital.

I still remember i was called into emergency room, told that my dad was dying 
I was there praying and watching him til the last of his breath.... 
Those images in hospital and in the grave alwys stay in my mind, cn't help it!

Beautiful fresh Roses... roses of Mourn

There my mom in the mourning of the death of her beloved husband

Now i find myself comfortable staying and get alone most of my free time in the cemetery, praying for him... my beloved dad.

And I know dad could hear my steps whenever i come there to the grave.... 

Dad, if only you knew how i miss you so much!!

Good Bye Dad! Good bye Daniel Bin Darwis Rajo Mudo....
One day i will meet you again, sooner or later....

I love you! 

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