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Monday, October 15, 2012

Kue Ketan (Black Sticky Rice Cake) & Gemblong (Caramel Sticky rice cake)

Kue Ketan (Black stikcy rice cake) & Kue Gemblong (Caramel sticky rice cake), are some famous traditional snacks in Indonesia. They are sold mostly in the stalls near to traditional market. The price is quiet cheap, around Rp1000/piece, or equals to 0.10 USD. Usually you can only find these cakes in the morning, so they're like morning appetizers. 

Kue Ketan is made of stewed black sticky rice with  salt and sprinkled with 
grated coconut. 

it's salty, gooey, and tasty!

If you don't know, black sticky rice is rich of anthocyanins. 
Consuming it, may prevent from getting cancer, aging and diabetes.

Kue Gemblong is also made of sticky rice but the white one.

If you love sweet flavor, you will absolutely love this! This cake is rich of sweetness!

The cake is coated with palm sugar, so crunchy and yummy!

200gr white sticky rice
100ml boiled coconut milk
2tbs sago flour
1/2 coconut, grated
1tbs salt

Ingredients For Coating 
150gr plam sugar
75gr sugar
50ml water

Mix all the ingredients, knead well and add the warm  coconut milk little by little. Use the whole dough to make medium balls, form like a donuts, fry them until brown, set aside.
In the meantime, boil the ingredients for coating until melting and getting thick, then put in the dough balls and stir until all are coated. Pick up, and let them dry. Serve while still warm


pastries are delicious and easy to make, I want to try making it at home.

Please do and share how's the result :)

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