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Thursday, October 25, 2012

BATIK, Indonesian Traditional Fabric

Batik {pronounced: bath-tick} is one of our country's most highly developed art forms, it is a heritage, an ancient art, a modern trend fashion, and a pride of Indonesia, and not to mention that it has a worldwide popularity. The word of Batik was derived from Javanese word 'Ambatik', which 'Amba' means writing, and 'Tik' means dot or drop. Generally, Batik means an art  process of decorating cloth using traditional wax and dye.

In the beginning, batik was only worn by the royal family in the palace, but as some of the people who worked there, lived outside the palace in different places, the villagers started copying, and it deployed and worn by everyone. Well... who doesn't love it anyway? everyone loves the royal's taste in fashion :)

For sure, me being as an Indonesian myself do love Batik, and My mom is a batik lover too, she has a lot of batik collection in her closet. Here are some of our collections. Got more than these, but i'm just gonna show the best of what we have.

The original color of batik is mostly dark or light brown, but various colors applied in the modern batik nowadays, and they look as beautiful as the original. My mom and I love all kinds of color, she even got the red one! Can you imagine? not gonna post the photo here... i'm giving you the chance to have a fantasy about it ;)

Look at these soft calm, shady and peaceful.... oh how i love them!

in our country, there's a policy to wear batik every Friday when you go to work. I usually  wear this white cool cotton batik every Friday, but it's also a terrific classic cloth to wear anytime i want to.

This beauty is also mine. It's a high quality cloth with a little belt that you can attach around the waist. I forgot to show the belt, but anyway, it still looks pretty without a belt, because this super soft silk cloth is  strategically positioned to compliment our body. It's sooooo desirable and so comfy! I wear this for some formal occasions like a wedding party, an important meeting with workmates and to a family gathering.

This is a set of skirt, shawl and veil, belongs to my mom. I love how the simple blue of the basic colors mingle with the artistic patterns in these clothes... they're like Spongebob & Patrick! Perfect match :D
Enchanting green skirt

so irresistible, isn't it?

and you can't resist this...

it flows with easy elegance....

angels should wear this shawl around their shoulder!

amazing floral patterns! so gorgeous! i love it a lot!

Beautiful, aren't they?

I get addicted with batik, I think I'm either being too nationalism or fell in love with my country's heritage... just too in love with Batik, and I know I should have a complete set of batik, not limited only on clothes, so i will sure wanna add more beautiful batik accessories like a cute Batik Handbag that I can hold to a party... guess, i'm gonna have a perfect appearance with a full set of batik, I deserve it! :))


What a gorgeous collection! I especially love the green skirt. And really, how can anyone not love batik? I think you definitely deserve a full set!

You have a great taste Chelsea! That green skirt is my fave too! The patterns make it look so trendy... and yes, i'd really love to have a full set :D

information about batik very complete. thank you

nice batik collections
love to read all the contents

Suukaaa batik sama batik dan bangga. apalagi batik sekaraang motifnya banyak banget keren keren lagi dan memecahkan mitos kalo batik itu terkesan tua. Nice info, selalu suka isi blogmu gan yang selalu mempromosikan indonesia dengan potretanmu yang super bagus

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