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Kue Gemblong and Kue Ketan

Delicious caramel and black sticky rice cakes

Citrus Breeze

Refreshing orange juice with cold sensation.... Bbrrrr

Ketupat [Indonesian rice dumpling]

A packed rice, wrapped in a woven palm

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Make Up Tutorial

If you think that your photo is pale, you can retouch it a bit to make it look fresher. 
Here's how you do it.
kalau kamu pikir foto kamu itu pucat, kamu bisa memberikan sedikit sentuhan spy fotonya trlihat segar.
Ini dia caranya.
Open photoshop, click file, then open, and search the photo that you want to edit.
Buka photoshop, klik file, open dan cari foto yg mau kamu edit

click the photo, open and hit ok
klik fotonya, open dan pencet ok

Duplicate the photo by right click your mouse
Duplikat fotonya dengan mengklik kanan mouse kamu

choose lasso tool on the left bar
pilih lasso tool di sebelah kiri

click add to selection
klik add to selection

circling the eyes area
lingkari area mata

right click your mouse and hit feather (5)
klik kanan mouse kamu, pencet feather (5)

click layer, new adjustment layer, then color balance
klik layer, new adjustment layer, lalu color balance

type blue in the layer box
ketik blue di kotak layer

follow the numbers in the picture!
ikuti angkanya seperti di gambar

and now choose highlight and follow the numbers again like in the pic
dan skrg pilih highlight dan ikuti lagi angkanya sprti di gmbr

Now it's time to erase the color outer line of the eyes, choose eraser on the left bar
sekarang waktunya utk menghapus warna yg kluar dr garis mata, pilih eraser di sebelah kiri

erase it carefully
hapus perlahan

Now we'll do the same with the cheeks
sekarng kita akan melakukan hal yg sama pada bagian pipi

set the midtones like in the pic!
atur midtones sprti digambar!

erase the color that you dont need and reduce the opacity into 50%
hapus warna yg tdk kamu butuhkan, dan kurangi opacity menjadi 50%

Lips should be retouched too... we're going to make it looks red
Bibir jg sbaiknya diberi sentuhan.... kita akan membuatnya terlihat merah

set the midtones!
atur midtonesnya!

change the layer into multiply
rubah layernya menjadi multiply

Flatten the image!
Flatten gmbrnya!

save you work!
simpan yg tlh kamu kerjakan!

Here's the before and after image :)
Ini adalah foto sebelum dan sesudah di edit :)
Hope you enjoy the tutorial!
Have a nice try :)
Semoga kamu suka dgn tutorialnya!
Selamat mencoba :)

Monday, August 1, 2011


Famous meal from West Sumatra, Indonesia. 
We people here like to make it most in Ramadhan like now :)

Made of meats, potatoes, coconut's milk and some spices. Needs age to cook it, 
but that's the art of cooking rendang,lol


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