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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Brownies

I've been craving for something sweet since yesterday, so I decided to make chocolate brownies!
Had a grocery in the nearest store this evening after work and made this delicious sweet dark brownies!
 This is quiet simple, just need less than 30mins to create this amazing cake...

These what I bought to make the brownies; instant brownies powder, dark chocolate compound, 5eggs, 
oreo sandwich and butter.

                           Prepare 400g Instant brownies           
I chose dark chocolate to be mixed with the brownies, but you can use white chocolate if you want to

           Break 5eggs and mix it well                          
pour the instant brownies powder and mix it  with the eggs... keep stirring it until firm!

Melt the chocolate with 100g of butter in medium heat, pick up and set aside
Now pour the chocolate a little into the dough  

Yum Yum black dough!! Place it in the baking pan.

Now break the oreo into pieces!

Put the crumbs all over the top

                  coat them with the chocolate!

Now it's ready to be baked

Oh laaaa laaaaaa..............

    The chocolate........... mmmmhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 


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