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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Endy Daniel

Hi! I'm Endy {pronounced And-Dee in case people don't know how to call me}, an Indonesian woman who loves Photography, Food & enjoys Graphic Design. I'm proud being as Indonesian, there's so many things about my country I'd love to share with all of you, from the cultures, traditional foods, beautiful places, to its pure friendly kind people. I Love visiting new villages in small towns to reveal the hidden places which mostly are beautiful and rarely known and touched by people from the big city.. there where I usually take my photographs at. I also love hanging out with my Mom, my nephews, and with my friends. I try to sample as many restaurants as possible, specially the traditional cheap one, but I also love to experiment cooking with my own recipes. My blog is a combination of Photography and Indonesian Heritage. 

All the photos are copyrights to @endyPhotography, unless otherwise noted. 

If you're interested to re-post or use my photos, pls let me know first, and kindly credit me back to this blog. You have no idea how hurt it is to see your photos that taken with a hard effort by you, used by people without any permission, which I've experienced few times on facebook... sigh. I think I should welcome myself to the Real Internet and I can't keep myeyes on track, but if you agree with me and also concern about this complaint, Let's stop this action together and you have all my respect!  

For commercial use, printing, publication and general distribution, please inquire about licensing rates at endyphotography@hotmail.com

Warm Regards!


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